The Dividing Line – Album Update 2

Well, it’s been over a month since the last (and first) album update, so I thought I’d bring you all up to speed with the process so far!

As I said before, all the material for the album was written early/mid February whilst on holiday (what better time to write music, when isolated and far away?) and the last few months have been a mash of editing and recording and mastering and a whole bunch of other shit that, to be honest, I can’t even remember! So, to give you an idea of how far I am, I have 5 songs recorded, and I’m 90% happy with how they sound at the moment – so It’s certainly getting there!

The album itself is going to sport 9, brand new, shiny, well-polished tracks that will be, lets say, different. It’s not going to be a continuation of Rain For Sound (both thematically and musically), and it’s not going to be an album of Hex’s. It incorporates many more electronic influences and styles than my music has before – with synth as the instrument with the reigns – although that’s not to say It’s such a radical departure you wont recognise it. It’s me, just…the new me.

Part of this comes with a new justification I’ve made about music, and it all stems from what people perceive to be progressive music. I’d like to think that people consider my music progressive, as I do myself, but I don’t really think anyone has actually ever come up with a good definition for the term progressive. One thing I’m really passionate about, though, Is trying to show people that prog doesn’t have to mean Gilmour-esque guitar solos or 30-minute tracks. progressive is ANYTHING that does it’s best to drive music forwards. After a very classicly ‘prog’ album like Rain For Sound, I feel it’s time to do something altogether different – ultimately changing, and fusing, as many genres as possible! I hope, I really hope, that’s what I’m achieving with The Dividing Line.

Another thing you may be asking is – why the 9 songs? 9 songs isn’t really enough to be an album, is it? Well, no; probably not. But looking back over the best albums of the last few years, and there’s a pattern. Although the best albums of all time are often long and extremely in-depth (Nine Inch Nails’s The Fragile, Tool’s Lateralus, Steven Wilson’s Grace For Drowning – to name a small few of my favourites), the one’s I regularly listen to and can really get indulged in are the shorter, more sweet ones. (Radiohead’s King Of Limbs, SONOIO’s Red, Big Black Delta’s BBDLP1 - again to name a small few!) Trust me on this one, although there’s no 14-minute epic on this album, the shorter, more  to-the-point songs are a breathe of fresh air – at least they are for me. It’s a matter of time, but I hope you’ll all agree!

In other news, recording for the Frozen Soundscape EP is well underway, and I predict the release for both The Dividing Line and the EP will be quite close together. I should hope both collections of music will be out around early/mid summer – all going well!

I want to have a single out soon, but I promised myself I’d get the album done and dusted first so I can focus on a better promotional campaign when the time comes. I hope that I should be able to release the lead single from the album in the next few months tops!


Alex Mascart


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